My Portal

All about me.

Here a member can set up their profile, manage events, collaborate with other members, petition for an advocacy campaign, and a lot more.

Managing membership and profile is now
super quick.

Members can update their profile, make all required changes or additions on the go using My Portal. Also enrolling and renewing memberships is included in the same module for hassle-free operations.

Each vote matters for electing the best candidate.

Using this feature, members can vote in ongoing elections. Be it for service positions or special awards, members can participate in the process and voice their opinion comfortably.

Manage Personal Tasks

Enables members to manage tasks, meetings, and advocacy commitments easily.

Select Sessions to Attend

Members can choose sessions to attend during events as per preference.

Quick Access to Events

Members can access their chosen events using QR codes.

Connect with colleagues

Interaction with colleagues at events is now made easy using My Portal.

Track Giving History

Members can view their giving history, enabling them to keep track and plan their future donations.

Manage Chapters

According to their Service Position, members can manage chapters, areas, and districts using this module.

Sounds exciting?

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