Engage your members and grow your organization

From membership management to customizing member journeys, this module covers it all.

Manage membership hierarchy your way.

With each organization comes a varied hierarchical structure. In this module, you can easily manage complex hierarchical organizational relationships such as chapters, committees, regions, areas, and districts.

membership types.

We understand that each member coming on board with you might be expecting different things from their membership. To address this, the Membership Module has a feature where you can outline membership types with different levels and benefits for members.

Nomination and Voting

Use the voting and nomination feature for service position elections. Assign volunteer service positions to chapters and other entities.

Assign Awards

Manage awards for member recognition. Keep members motivated and focused.

Customizable Member Journey

Drive member engagement effectively by customizing individual member journey.

Tailored Memberships

Memberships can be tailored to have badges, points, and levels.

Auto-renewals and Self-Registrations

Manage membership auto-renewals with an option to self-register and renew.

Affiliate Memberships and Collaborations

Connect one membership to another easily, as needed. Search, connect and collaborate with other members.

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