Change materializes when we join together for a common cause.

From creating campaigns to successfully carrying them out, this module has all the required tools.

Update status of legislations from Open Civic Database.

Getting all necessary tools to update legislation status is now super easy using the Advocacy Module. With this feature in place, you can now plan your campaign with the greatest ease.

Update CRM with data from Open Civic Database.

Using this module, you can update your CRM with data from the Open Civic Database. Now both managing your campaign data, and using that data to drive your campaign, can be done from this very module.

Advocacy Campaigns

Efficiently manage advocacy campaigns with targeted events, petitions, and grassroot activities.

Interact with Supporters

Communicate with supporters easily over your preferred social media channels.

Petition Sheets

Quickly create customized petition signature sheets to strengthen your impact.

Receive Influencer Information

Safely provide access to information about all influencers for each legislation.

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